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DEMEY88 is not just a coaching platform. As a member of the DEMEY88 platform, you get access to our training schedules, training videos and food application.
DEMEY88 was established by former world bodybuilding champion and IFBB PRO hall of fame legend Berry de Mey and his team of experts. The name of DEMEY88 refers to Berry de Mey and the year 1988, the year that Berry was in his best shape ever and when he achieved his greatest successes during the IFBB Mr. Olympia event in Los Angeles.

DEMEY88 combines the experiences of Berry and his team and scientific research into a result driven coaching method. Members of the DEMEY88 community have access to training schedules and accompanying training videos, a customizable personal nutrient calculator and a personal dashboard. That way, members can easily keep on track with their fat loss, muscle development, nutrition intake and all the other things you need to know to obtain personal goals.

Berry and his team are looking forward to sharing their knowledge with you. Are you already a member of the DEMEY88 platform? If not, what are you waiting for?

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