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In addition to our “in-house” expertise we also have medical specialists and researchers keeping us up to date with the latest scientific insights. To ensure their objectivity, these loyal advisors have no further involvement in DEMEY88. Our aim is to bring you the best of both worlds; the tried and tested, along with the very latest knowledge!
Doctoral researcher Cas Fuchs deserves a special mention here for his research on human muscle physiology at Maastricht University. DEMEY88 coaching has benefitted from his scientific input and advice.
We would further like to mention Berry’s daughter Noelle de Mey and Ronan Krabben who are both specialized in various coaching techniques and, last but not least, team members Zac Aynsley and Leroy Gilbert, who under the guidance of Berry and the DEMEY88 METHOD booked success in their very first competitions. See more team members below.


1 Berry de Mey

Berry de Mey, aka the Flexing Dutchman, founder of DEMEY88 Coaching.
In the DEMEY88 Method you can read everything about Berry, the development and the principles of DEMEY88. Berry is available as a personal coach in the PLATINUM package. He is the leading light of the DEMEY88 team coaches. Not only as an instructor, but also in the active management of DEMEY88 coaches who are in charge of GOLD package members. Together with Berry, these coaches form TEAM WORK. A collective working relationship with one goal: the best result for you.

scientist & teacher at Maastricht University

2 Cas Fuchs

Cas Fuchs is a scientist & teacher at Maastricht University. 

His research is mainly focused on the interaction between exercise and nutrition and how this can be manipulated to improve (athletic) performance and/or recovery.

Cas advised Berry during the development of the DEMEY88 platform to ensure that the program is based on sound scientific evidence.

Online Coach

3 Noëlle de Mey

Noelle de Mey, daughter of the FLEXING DUTCHMAN, is specialized in coaching women who want to lose, maintain, or gain weight and keep their bodies strong and firm. From an early age she was interested in the workings of the human body and is now pursuing studies specializing in nutrition and coaching. Noelle’s background, her practical experience, science and study form the basis of her coaching abilities.

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4 Ronan Krabben

Ronan Krabben is a great coach and ambassador for DEMEY88.
From an early age Ronan has been fascinated by nutrition and training for an ultimate muscular and healthy body.
Ronan is an all-round sportsman with a matching lifestyle. The pleasure he takes in staying healthy and strong is legendary. Ronan’s infectious enthusiasm, wealth of knowledge and long experience make him a formidable motivator.

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6 Leroy Gilbert

Vegan athlete Leroy Gilbert has cracked the code on how to build muscles on a plant based diet. With a master in natural sciences and a keen eye for detail, he incorporates different elements often overlooked by many seeking to build muscle. His philosophy revolves around the body-mind-spirit trifecta which he believes is a prerequisite for an abundant life. Leroy found his way to optimal physical condition with the guidance of Berry and the DEMEY88 Method. This theory forms the basis for the vegan lifestyle and training which he developed himself. 

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7 Zac Aynsley

Berry calls Zac "THE MAN" and for good reason. Zac is one of those rough diamonds that you rarely see. On the day that Zac achieves his full potential, he will shine like no other. There is a good reason Zac has more than a million followers on Instagram. With his passion for what he does he motivates many people to get the most out of themselves. A special quality that many people are grateful for. He is passionate about wat he does, and motivates many people to make the most of themselves. Something that many are grateful for.

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8 Team Work

Team Work. In order to ensure quality and continuity, the GOLD membership customer usually communicates with one of the DEMEY88 TEAM WORK coaches. One of the big advantages is that this team is in direct contact with Berry de Mey. Although the supervision by a TEAM WORK coach fits in perfectly with the DEMEY88 METHOD, an assigned coach will, if he or she deems it necessary, consult Berry. If more input is needed, then Berry may contact you personally.  At DEMEY88 we believe that progression stands or falls with the fine-tuning of the many pillars of our method. And fine tuning is something we are good at!!

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