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For your convenience, we have summarized the most commonly asked questions and answers on our FAQ page. If you still have any other questions the DEMEY88 TEAM is ready to answer them. Feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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What is DEMEY88 Coaching?
DEMEY88 Coaching is a unique coaching platform for serious athletes, fitness fanatics and bodybuilders male and female. But also for people who want to get into their best shape.
Does DEMEY88 combine science and practical experience?
IFBB Hall of Fame legend Berry de Mey and scientist PhD candidate Cas Fuchs combine 40 years of experience and the latest scientific insight to build the system.  
What can I expect from DEMEY88 Coaching?
Even without the help of a coach, the DEMEY88 Coaching system guides you to your chosen goal.
Is the DEMEY88 Method a unique system?
Specific and unique features of the DEMEY88 Method, developed by Berry and scientist PhD candidate Cas Fuchs, are programmed in the online application system.
Are there different types of subscriptions to participate?
There are 3 different packages: SILVER, GOLD and CONTEST PREP. Every package offers something extra (see homepage). However, even the cheapest package (SILVER) already offers the possibility to make full use of the system. Therefore, optimal result is possible in every package.
How frequently does your DEMEY88 coach get in touch with you with the GOLD PACKAGE?
Berry will contact you through the DEMEY88 messenger to plan a 1-hour intake Skype call with you and him. Berry explains how your personalized training and nutritional program will be made. He will show you how your personal DASHBOARD works and why it is important to work closely together get the best possible results. After this there will be about 3 contact coaching moments a week (via WhatsApp or the DEMEY88 messenger). More often if necessary.
How frequently does Berry get in touch with you with the CONTEST PREP PACKAGE?
Berry will contact you through DEMEY88 messenger to plan the 1-hour intake video call with you and him. Berry explains how your personalized training and nutritional program will be made. He will show you how your personal DASHBOARD works and why it is important to work closely together get the best possible results. WhatsApp contact unlimited (Berry will always respond as soon as possible, but at least within 24 hours). Skype meetings when necessary (max once a week).
How can I become a DEMEY88 member?
1. Sign up
2. Receive your password
3. Login
4. Choose your package
How much does a membership cost?
SILVER €19.99 (€10.00 per month)
GOLD €399.99 (€199.00 per month)
CONTEST PREP starting at €799,99 (€399.00 per month)

* membership period is two months
* No contract
* No commitment or obligation
Can I upgrade SILVER and GOLD any time without losing money already paid for the existing membership?
Yes. A calculation will be made for what has been paid for until then. The remaining amount will be deducted from the purchase of your next package. The upgraded new membership starts from the day of purchase for the full new subscription duration.
Can I become a member and use the DEMEY88 Coaching platform, no matter in what part of the world I live?
If you are able to purchase a membership package with one of the payment options offered by us and have access to internet, you can use the platform worldwide.
What are the different payment possibilities?
Sofort Banking
Belfius Direct Net
ING Home'Pay
Do I get a payment confirmation?
Immediately after a successful payment, DEMEY88 will send a payment confirmation.
What is the company identity and in which country is this company established?
DEMEY88 is the second trade name of the following company:
Grote Esch 628, 2841 MJ Moordrecht The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 80792332
Tax identification number: NL861801659B01
What happens if my membership comes to an end and wants to extent the existing membership program?
You will receive an email 3 days before your membership expires. To avoid your account being locked, choose a package that suits you the most within those 3 days. In the event your account is locked you can unlock it after purchasing one of our packages.
Every new purchased membership starts on the day only after that the old membership expires.
An upgrade can be purchased at any time. A calculation will be made for what has been paid for until then. The remaining amount will be deducted from the purchase of your next package. The upgraded new membership starts from the day of purchase for the full new subscription duration.
Is there an animation introduction video?
Yes. Click on: Animation video
Is there a user manual document and are there tutorial videos?
You have received the DEMEY88 user manual document with the registration confirmation e-mail. Click on user manual document to download the document.

You will find the tutorial videos on the following links:

Tutorial # 1 Getting Started
Tutorial # 2 Principles of DEMEY88
Tutorial # 3 Dashboard
Tutorial # 4 Food Application
Tutorial # 5 Training
What is the DEMEY88 METHOD?
The full story of Berry de Mey and the principles of DEMEY88 Coaching available in SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM.
What is the DEMEY88 GUIDE?
Easy-to-use guide helps you to make important decisions that determine your progress. Or the DEMEY88 GUIDE can confirm whether you are on the right track for your goal.
What is the DASHBOARD?
This is the most important place of the DEMEY88 Coaching platform, with the FOOD APPLICATION integrated. All information that is used to coach you comes together in your DASHBOARD. Via the time machine, you can go to any desired day where information is stored of the past. You can also plan training days and meals in the future via the time machine. Daily you can register everything you do in your DASHBOARD. You can add meals. The FOOD APPLICATION contains a large database with various food. Just add food and the quantity to a meal, the FOOD APPLICATION does the calculations and shows everything you need to know.
This is the crème de la crème of DEMEY88 Coaching platform. There are countless amounts of apps that can calculate macronutrients and calories for you. There are also plenty of apps to tell you how much you should eat. But there is no-one who calculates the correct ratio of the macronutrients based on the DEMEY88 METHOD theory and making the correct adjustments if goal, weight, training intensity, training frequency and fat percentage has changed. This macro ratio is a crucial aspect to achieve optimal results and difficult to apply correctly. The FOOD APPLICATION does it so well that it’s not even a subject in the DEMEY88 GUIDE. If the other variable pillars are tuned in the right way, the FOOD APPLICATION will do this always exactly the way we want. You do not even have to understand one of the most crucial nutritional aspects to apply it properly.
Here you can find complete “example” meals “dissected” so you can see exactly what the macronutrients and calories are. You can find the same meal via a linked blog that explains what you need for ingredients and how the preparation for this meal is done. If you like a meal and want to try it, then you can add it in click to a desired day in your time machine as a complete meal.
Can I “save” my own meals and easily add them to another day next time?
Yes. You can save and edit any meal used in your DASHBOARD. You can add a saved meal to any day you want.
Examples of TRAINING SCHEDULES for different GOALS and number of training days per week.  A training schedule “on paper” is a base to start with. By applying the insights about training that is written in the DEMEY88 METHOD you can come to a personal schedule.

The training schedules are coded. This way you can easily find them again. Please read how the coding is structured:


The first two letters indicate the GOAL of the schedule:

Get Lean Muscle Building: GL
Lose Weight Muscle Tone: LW
Muscle Building: MB
Gain Mass & Strength: GM

Then there is a number. These are days of weight training days per week.

The schedules are also subdivided into 3 types:

FOX (advanced) = F
OLYMPIA (Berry's schedules) = O

Finally you will find a number that indicates the numbering.

The meaning of schedule GL5-B2:
Get Lean Muscle Building
5 days a week
# 2
Why can I “overrule” the calculated total amount of calories for the day in DASHBOARD?
The total calculated amount of calories is calculated by smart programmed formulas. However, how someone responds to a certain program depends on even more factors. The DEMEY88 GUIDE or/and a coach confirm whether the application is 100% accurate or not. In many cases, this can deviate to a minimum difference. When it turns out that you have to eat less or more calories, according to the fine tune control, you can easily adjust this by filling in the desired total amount of calories. The FOOD APPLICATION ensures that, after this adjustment, the macronutrients are immediately displayed in the correct ratio. According to the DEMEY88 METHOD, this is not a fixed ratio. The programmed smart calculations in the application present the right outcomes "live".
How can I add my food or supplements to the FOOD APPLICATION database if it’s not in there yet?
Because the FOOD APPLICATION is used worldwide, it may occur that your favourite protein supplement or other food product is not included in our database. Send an email directly to Provide the name and nutritional values of your product(s). If it concerns a packaged, manufactured product, send a picture(s) of the packaging on which the name and the nutritional values is clearly visible. We will add the product(s) a.s.a.p. In practice this is often within 24 hours and no later than 48 hours. We will send you an e-mail as soon as it is done. We have chosen to have the products added by our specialised team to ensure quality.
Is it important to fill in my profile and training settings as accurately as possible?
The most accurate information will provide you with the best possible calculations of the application. We advise to do a fat percentage measurement with a professional. This is possible in most gyms, or other specialised facilities that offer this type of service. If you didn’t measure like this, you can estimate it, or the program will *calculate it. *This is not the most accurate measurement. 
Why will the DEMEY88 Coaching be the best online solution for results?
Practice has shown that 99% of the test cases have achieved optimal results if people strictly adhere to the DEMEY88 protocol. Two years of intensive work has been done to program the protocol as extensively and accurately as possible in the DEMEY88 Online platform. Testing of the online version has also shown that the DEMEY88 system can be used efficiently in practice because every aspect that makes DEMEY88 unique is applied.
Who has access to all my private information that is used in the program?
This website works according to the “AVG” Act (General Data Protection Regulation). According to the “AVG” act only authorized processing plants have access to process data and keep it safe.
Is the website/platform of the DEMEY88 safe?
The DEMEY88 platform website is a secure website as far as possible. We do everything we can to keep your data safe.
Can I become a sponsored athlete of DEMEY88?
DEMEY88 is always scouting for new talent. If you think you are a great talent, send us a photo with resume, picture, future goals and address to . Who knows you qualified.
What can I do if I am not satisfied or have a complain?
We take every complaint seriously and are always open to constructive criticism for improvement. Please send us a mail to
How to win €1000,00 by transforming your body?
Note: Applicable if a “WIN” promotion campaign is active.

General rules and regulations:
  1. The DEMEY88 transformation challenge is a promotional campaign.
  2. Participation of the DEMEY88 promotional campaign is free.
  3. Entry into the promotional campaign is open to persons who have purchased one of the DEMEY88 packages (SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM).
  4. Entrants are required to use the purchased package during the promotional campaign.
  5. Send a “before” and “after” photo during the competition period via the “WIN” page (button to be found after login on your personal DASHBOARD).
  6. Write a quote and a short description of yourself and your transformation via the “WIN” page (button to be found after login on your personal DASHBOARD).
  7. DEMEY88 has the right to publish the promotional campaign at all times on the website along with the “before” and “after” photographs of the participant.
  8. If permission to publish the photos is retracted by the participant, DEMEY88 will remove the photo from the website within a maximum of one month from the requested retraction.
  9. The DEMEY88 team will determine who has achieved the best transformation.
  10. Within a week of the promotional campaign closing, prize winner(s) will be notified per email about the prize they have won.
  11. In accordance with the general regulations, the Terms and Conditions / Rules & Regulations of the promotional campaign also apply.
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