Get in shape through a proven combination of coaching, training, nutrition and supplements.

The art of

Weight Training

Whichever goal you choose, you will have to work hard for it. No matter which level you are at, optimal progress is only possible through maximization of your individual performance. More and/or heavier doesn’t necessarily mean better.
A phenomenon we are unable to measure is intensity and intensity is the key element to your success in the gym. This also means that your approach to your training will be different from everyone else’s. The many different factors, such as rest, nutrition and supplements have an almost direct effect on your performance in the gym.
With the DEMEY88 METHOD you learn all about underlying principles that you can use to create your own effective training schedule. Without understanding these principles and without proper application, your training schedule will be worth nothing.
Everything depends on how you execute your training program as described in the DEMEY88 METHOD. Without it your schedule is nothing but a list of exercises and numbers. Learn, experience and become a master in the art of weight training.

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