Get in shape through a proven combination of coaching, training, nutrition and supplements.


#stillfat Contest Prep Package

Just be the winner!
Perfect “peaking” is the difference between winning and losing. You are the winner if you get in your best possible shape. That is how you want to step on stage. Berry will be your personal coach and guide as you a professional all the way to the contest stage.

Price on request.

Guidance for one or the other is different, certainly for a contest. Think of duration, frequency, starting point of shape. Please send an email with your wishes to Berry makes a tailor-made plan with the corresponding price for you.

1-hour intake Skype conversation
Full access to DEMEY88 platform including: 88-METHOD, 88-GUIDE, Food Application
Weekly shape check
Personal nutrition plan
Fat loss and muscle building strategy
Training strategy
Carb loading strategy
Water management
Mandatory poses advice
Posing routine advice
Personal phone number Berry
WhatsApp contact
Mental motivation strategy
Personal Training (in The Netherlands)
Any other requests negotiable

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