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"My transformation by DeMey 88 was truly amazing, Physically and mentally I achieved the best version of myself!"

Ramses Jedeloo. When I was 42 years old the editor-in-chief of Men’s Health, the Netherlands asked me to pose for the cover of their magazine. “Sure", I replied instantly, "it would be a great honor". Little did I know the photo shoot would be in eleven weeks. Oops! This would not have been a problem when I was 20… But now? After one week of wasting my time in the gym I decided to call for help. Professional help. The BEST help: Berry de Mey. A couple of years ago I was very lucky to meet Berry on a business trip in Ibiza where we spent a whole week together. We have been great friends ever since.
When I said “Berry, could you please coach me to a Men’s Health cover model status?” Berry replied: “This is your shot for the title! I will work with you as if we’re going for the Mr. Olympia”. With his unique DeMey88-method he easily figured out what the optimum amount of calories was for me, calculated flawlessly which proportions of macro’s I should take, gave me great advice on the frequency, tempo and intensity I should do cardio and taught me very valuable lessons on how I could maximize my muscle mass in a short period of time. I was blown away by the result (especially at my age) and so was Men's Health. Thanks a mill, coach!

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