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De kung pao  chicken is a well-known recipe from the chinese kitchen. There are different kind of cooking styles in China. This is one of them KUNG PAO is from the region Sichuan.
Very spicy but delicious! 

We begin to cook!
Start with the Brown Rice(longest time to prepare 50 minutes)
Brown rice take a bit longer to cook than white rice, it’s better because of the unrefined grains retain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are also high in fiber. Brown rice has been minimally processed.
Prepare the brown rice as rescript on the package.

Recipe 1 person Kung Pao Chicken:

200 gram chicken thighs (skinless)
100 gram Red pepper
25 gram Spring onions
5 gram  garlic raw   
40 gram Ginger root fresh
30 gram Cashew nuts unsalted
5 gram Oil coconut

Recipe marinade:
25 gram soya sauce sweet low sodium
25 gram Shaoxing rice wine or dry sherry
5 gram cornstarch
Recipe sauce
25 gam soy sauce sweet low sodium
2 gram sesame oil
1 gram Sichuan pepper
35 gram honey

How to make it:
Cut the chicken thigh(skinless) in pieces. Put all the spices for the marinade in a bowl together and put it aside. Chop the ginger & cloves garlic in small pieces, cut the red pepper, sping onions in to rings.
Heat up a wok with a teaspoon coconut oil and bake the chicken breast pieces, chopped ginger, cloves garlic and red pepper till it’s done. Lower the heat and drop ingredients of the sauce . Cook it for one minute. After it’s done you serve it with the cashew nuts & spring onion rings.

Chinese Cabbage (Bok choy) with Red pepperbell and snow peas

Recipe for 1 person:
100 gram Chinese Cabbage
100 gram Red pepper
100 gram snow peas
25 gram Red onions
5 gram coconut oil
4 spoons water
Black pepper

Cut all the greens & red onions in pieces and wok it for 4 minutes. Put the water in the wok and wait for 3 minutes. Cover the wok!

Oke now you are ready to eat!
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