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By using the “SEE MEAL ANALYSIS” BUTTON on the recipe blog page you can find the same meals listed on the MEAL ANALYSIS page. On the MEAL ANALYSIS page you can discover exactly which macronutrients and calories each meal contains. Through “MEAL ANALYSIS” you can add your chosen meals to the dashboard.


Juicy Chicken Meatballs with...

This is why I am fond of chicken meatballs. They are so easy to make. Special when you buy your ground chicken at the store. If you double the ingredients for the chicken balls you can put half off it in the freezer. So you have  always’s an extra meal if it is necessary. These are the best Juicy...

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Korean spicy chicken, brown...

An easy meal to make, but the preparation time is variable from 30 minutes till 24 hours. Make your choice! You can marinade your chicken before you go to bed or just 30 minutes before your dinner starts. The different is really the intensity of the flavor. If you double the ingredients for the...

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Kung Pao Chicken

De kung pao  chicken is a well-known recipe from the chinese kitchen. There are different kind of cooking styles in China. This is one of them KUNG PAO is from the region Sichuan.Very spicy but delicious! We begin to cook!Start with the Brown Rice(longest time to prepare 50 minutes)Brown rice take...

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