Get in shape through a proven combination of coaching, training, nutrition and supplements.


Also in PACKAGE SILVER the platform offers the best for every user to achieve his or her goal from day one in the DEMEY88 METHOD, GUIDE, FOOD APPLICATION, DASHBOARD and MEAL ANALYSIS. The DEMEY platform also provides BLOGS and TRAINING SCHEDULES; these are dynamic pages where the most current and relevant information will be added creating an ever growing wealth of information.

New blogs will appear regularly. The different categories will be: recipes, supplements, training and general. The coaches, guest writers and of course Berry himself will be highlighting a diverse range of topics in each category. If there is something you would like to read about, let us know by sending a mail with your suggestion(s) to

With DEMEY88 Coaching, using the important DEMEY88 principles, the TRAINING SCHEDULES will be adjusted to your needs for the maximum result. The best way to learn how to train is at the gym. See it like learning how to swim; if there’s no pool, you can’t learn to do it properly.

TRAINING SCHEDULES are examples that serve as inspiration. With the DEMEY88 METHOD you learn all about underlying principles that you can use to make a training schedule really effective for you. Without understanding these principles and without proper application, your training schedule will be worthless. Everything depends on how you execute your training schedule as described in the DEMEY88 METHOD. Without it your schedule is nothing but a list of exercises and numbers. Learn, experience and become a master in the art of weight training.

Note: read about the coding of TRAINING SCHEDULES at FAQ: “what is TRAINING SCHEDULES”?
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