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We want to know what you eat

Add your favourite food to the DEMEY88 FOOD APPLICATION. 

If you’ve already read the DEMEY88-instructions* and have watched the accompanying tutorial videos, you’ll know that the FOOD APPLICATION uses a unique, ingenious algorithm which works in accordance with the DEMEY88 principles.

The program is trustworthy and easy to use. The database contains many basic products like oatmeal, chicken, vegetables etc. but because it is a worldwide platform this makes it initially impossible to list the full range of foods. For this reason, we will, with your help, update the FOOD APPLICATION with foods that you use that are not yet listed. We want to ensure quality and have, for this reason, chosen to manage the app ourselves including adding any new products. If you discover that one of your foods is not listed, send us a request to add it along with a clear photograph of the label containing the name and nutritional information by email to: We usually add new information to the FOOD APPLICATION within 48 hours. We can also add your favourite supplements (protein- and carbohydrate supplements) in the same way. All the DEMEY88 nutritional products by Berry de Mey have, of course, been added.

*If you register via for the trial package, you will immediately receive an email confirming your registration along with the instructions. You can make use of the SILVER PACKAGE for FREE for 2 weeks. If you would like to receive the instructions a second time, send a request to .
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