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YES! DEMEY88 online coaching is live!

The DEMEY88 platform offers everything you need to create the best and most effective personalized program for reaching your physical goals. Everything you need to know is laid out in the DEMEY88 METHOD and you can use the DEMEY88 GUIDE to keep you on track. Alongside these the DEMEY88 FOOD APPLICATION, based on nutritional theory, is there to make everything even easier. You can read about the different coaching PACKAGES on the website.

We’ve created a unique system with a clear and concise user’s guide on how to use the platform for the very best results. Each subject contains a link to a tutorial video so that you can get started with the platform within minutes.

Register now at After registration, you will receive a confirmation email with a password and user manual. 

Make sure you read the instructions and watch the tutorial videos for the best results. Also check our FAQ page for answers. If you still have any questions feel free to mail us at .

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